Dean's letter

Mouad LAMRANII am honoured to be the new Dean of the Superior Institute of Materials And Advance Mechanics (Institut Supérieur Des Matériaux et Mécanique Avancés, ISMANS). The Institute is a beacon of research, engineering and education spanning for decades. It is a member of the prestigious Group of French Ivy League Schools (Conference des Grandes Ecoles). We are committed to, Breakthrough Research policies; Think Global Strategy and Industrial-Steered Research and Education.

The Institute is a talented and diverse community of students and scholars from around the world and it is located in the famous and enduring city of Le Mans, France. ISMANS carries on its education and research on a long range of outstanding academic and industrial programmes in science, computing, engineering and applied science (new materials, composite and bio-materials), management, humanities, fire safety engineering, automotive and boat building technologies.

ISMANS strengthens its presence around the world by globally reaching for collaboration with external campuses and offering dual degrees. Indeed, one of the most important ways to fulfil its educational mission to advance research, management practice and improve the world is through its global network EG@. The European Graduation Access (EG@) led by ISMANS, is an international consortium which includes French Ivy League Schools, French and International Universities in a close network of partnerships in education, research and enterprise fields. Internationally, EG@ develops dual educational curricular and research programmes. EG@ also encourages the mobility and exchange of brilliant students, researchers and Professors.

To those of you who have offered the Institute your time, energy, and financial support, on behalf of our faculty, staff, and students, thank you for your dedication to ISMANS. We are looking forward to continuing to collaborate with you. I invite you to check out our wide range of excellent academic programs and extracurricular activities, and learn more about the groundbreaking research under way in our labs. You can also catch a sense of ISMANS's spirited traditions and the thrill of international sailing and car racing competitions.

We appreciate your interest, and we hope you will visit us often, on the Internet or in person. We will be delighted to share with you our ambitions and bright future.

Dr Mouad Lamrani,
Dean of ISMANS